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Golden Lion Agency- the leading provider of in-home care, housekeeping and cleaning services.

About Golden Lion Agency


We of GOLDEN LION AGENCY, founded in 2004 and an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau since 2007, Golden Lion Agency has now been serving the IN-HOME CAREGIVER NEEDS of the Greater Toronto Area Population for over 10 years. We run an employment agency for Elderly Caregivers, Disabilities, and Nannies locally and Overseas.


We assist the families so that the lady of the house with children or the sons and daughters of the Elders can back to work which, in- turn generates revenue for the country as a whole.


The Caregivers that become employed, are of immense importance because of their compatibility with all different family situations.

They are well educated, dedicated, diligent, honest and have a medical training. Some of them are Registered Nurses, Midwiferies, Personal Support Workers, Physical Therapist and hospital trained.


Golden Lion Agency has accessed the pool of existing Local Caregivers and navigated through the LMIA Labour Market Impact Assessments to keep a steady flow local Caregivers and overseas.


We get most of all our new business by word of mouth, promotions so we do not advertise anymore. 


The demand of elders, families with small children, and Canadians with Special Disabilities has only served to increase our passion to provide the highest level of In-Home Care.


Cora Garcia-Finan

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